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    Cheating Girlfriend gets Caught and Punished

    Sergeant Miles is a honest hard working man. He loves his girlfriend Misty but, she treats him like shit always cancelling plans to “hangout with her bestie” Pretty Rikki.  Sergeant Miles is a bit of a romantic he’s always bringing Misty flowers jewelry coming up with elaborate romantic date ideas when he isn’t working to pay for her expensive tastes. Misty only drinks $200/bottle wine and being a stay at home girl she drinks a lot, She likes going to the gym but only the most exclusive members only yoga studio in town and Misty will only go if Rikki can go with her. Since Rikki is broke Sergeant pays for her membership also.  Miles has been working double shifts lately and got his job done early and figured he’d take Misty out to her favorite restaurant in town followed up with some dancing in hopes he would get laid.  When he calls Misty she’s her normal dismissive self and says she already has plans with Rikki.  When Sergeant comes home he sees the two of them fucking on his couch in HIS HOUSE and loses his shit,  He decides he WILL get laid tonight grabs some rope and gets to work.


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