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    Welcome to the Family

    Miles has just been adopted by Scott and Kymber to become apart of their very “loving” family with sister Misty.  Miles has never had  a family and is very nervous about making sure that he meets their expectations and cant wait to see how a real family acts…  He soon finds out having a family who loves each other is great!!!!



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    Hercules and Xena Fuck Gabrielle

    Hercules and Xena adventured into a small village to liberate the people from a terrible bandit leader who was using dark magic one the citizens.  Gabrielle was supposed to hold down the camp watch the horses and prepare dinner for the two heroic figures. However instead of doing her job she fell asleep and let the horse wander off.  Well Hercules and Xena had to punish her.


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    Pastor, Help My Nympho Wife- Fucked like a dog pt2

    Peter calls Pastor Miles over to give him and his wife some marital advice, as it turns out Misty is a nymphomaniac. Having been good Christians and praying to the lord with no help they ask Pastor Miles is he knows of anything they can do to cure her of this affliction. Pastor Miles thinks over the situation and Misty flashes the Pastor her pussy, which reminds Miles of some stuff they used to do when he was in the army overseas in the Philippians to treat dirty whores properly. The following Sunday after church Peter and Misty head to Pastor Miles house to try his military method. this is one of three treatments.


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  • Sister in Law Blackmails Sergeant Miles to Show her the Dungeon pt 2

    Kendra is a dirty cheating slut and after getting a taste of Sergeant Miles cock at a holiday party this year she is back for more. Her sister Misty is Sergeant Miles wife and they have always shared everything. Sgt Miles has no idea of their sharing nature, Kendra has heard the stories about what Sgt. Miles does out in his shop from her sister and, knowing that he’s afraid to get caught by his wife uses their previous hookup as a way to get him to show her what kind of work he does in his “shop”.


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  • Sgt Miles Dominates Ruslan Angelo

    Sergeant Miles has been Eyeing Ruslan the last few Days around the resort. When He sees Ruslan walk into his room and leave the door open. Sergeant Miles barges in and takes the object of his obsession dominating him to fullest extent abusing him and walking away with only strong growls and deep penetration being the only language needed to express his primal lust


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