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  • Little Tease Gets What’s Coming to Her

    Misty Is the local bar slut last week she took a guy out to the dumpster and sucked him off to say thank you for buying some drinks for her.  Well that guy told his bros Sgt MIles and Tarzan about it, They are standing outside talking about it when Misty walks by.  They follow her into the bar and have a good time then she tries to leave without thanking them…  heres what happens


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    Bar Tease gets What’s Cuming to Her

    Sergeant Miles and Tarzan went out to the local bar hanging outside to have a drink before heading in they’re talking about how their friend had met a girl last weekend, Misty she was wild partied with him all night and as the night progressed he told her he was getting ready to leave she slammed back a shot and grabbed him by the hand. Their friend expecting her to come home with him grabbed his phone out of his pocket while she pulled him to the back of the parking lot and yanked his pants down. He asked Misty if she was going to come home with him, she laughed and said no but she felt she need to pay him back for all the drinks yanked his pants down and sucked his cock.
    While Sergeant Miles was telling Tarzan about what happened low and behold Misty came strutting by. Sergeant Miles and Tarzan finished their smokes and followed her in. After many shots and games of pool Misty looked at her phone and walked out. Sergeant Miles and Tarzan quickly follow behind her asking where she’s going and if she’s gonna say thank you for the drinks. Misty smiles, gives them a teasing , “Thank You” and walks off. Sergeant and Tarzan decide she WILL properly thank them.


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