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  • Bucky Wright

    Bucky Wright gets used by Sgt Miles Full

    Bucky has been a huge fan of Sergeant Miles for years and finally got the chance to meet him at a Pornstar karaoke event.  The two hit it off and end up with Tarzan back in his dungeon.  Bucky is finally going to be used


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  • Lianna Lawson

    Lianna Lawson Bad Daughter

    Sergeant Miles decided to take his daughter with him to Las Vegas for the weekend. He planned a nice trip sitting buy the pool, some hiking, a helicopter tour of the grand canyon, and whatever else the young girl could do. Little Lianna had her own plans and the 1st night as soon as Sergeant Miles fell asleep she dressed in her sluttiest clothes and went to find out what kind of trouble she could get into. She found trouble when she tried to sneak back into their hotel room that night and Sergeant Miles was up waiting for her.


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  • Sgt Miles Dominates Ruslan Angelo

    Sergeant Miles has been Eyeing Ruslan the last few Days around the resort. When He sees Ruslan walk into his room and leave the door open. Sergeant Miles barges in and takes the object of his obsession dominating him to fullest extent abusing him and walking away with only strong growls and deep penetration being the only language needed to express his primal lust


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