Honey, I fucked the Babysitter

Misty and Miles haven’t had a date night in forever, but Misty has found a way to solve that! She hires the adorable next door neighbor girl Amy to come babysit for them! Misty has had her eye on Amy for awhile but this is the first time they’ve met. Miles agrees to meet Misty at the restaurant straight from work. When Amy knocks on the door Misty can’t help but notice the tiny little skirt Amy is wearing and her little red pigtails! As she shows her around the house she is perving on her continuously….when they get to Miles and Mistys bedroom Amy notices the vibrator on the bed and goes to grab it!!!! Misty tries to stop her but she is so curious! She has never used on before….what kind of neighbor would Misty be if she didn’t show her how! After they go at it with the vibrator, pussy eating, and even scissoring….Miles COMES HOME and catches them on the bed! Little does Misty know….Miles and the little neighbor girl have already fucked in the DUNGEON! Secrets out now so might as well all bang!!!

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