Glam Rock Whores Trailer

Amy has always been a very curious little girl and very sexually active. She has had a crush on Sergeant Miles and Peter for years.  Amy’s room provided her with a great View of Sergeant Miles yard and garage.  She would sit in her room and masterbate to him and Peter when they were out working in the field on cars or other manly projects getting sweaty and muscles rippling in the sun.  She would often find excuses to go over and hangout with the two older men, even sneaking over on weekends when the guys would have naked pool parties hoping to get a glimpse of their naked cocks bouncing around.  She has also noticed the large number of women that come over looking very nice and put together before going into the Sergeants garage and coming out looking completely wrecked.  She then wouid masturbate to the idea of what went on in the garage. Today she decided she was gonna find out no matter what.

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