Gamer Girl gets PWND in the Face

Gamer girl Shanice Luv 2.0 is doing her nightly live stream. She always dresses sexy and teases her viewers by doing polls to pick her slutty outfits, then directs them to her fans sites, where her fans have to pay to see the goods. Fed up with her exploitive behavior Sergeant Miles and Peter come up with a diabolical plan to finally get her off the game and into the mainstream. They login and let Shanice win a few matches, giving her the false impressions she’s 1337. They challenge her to a winner take all match, if she wins the match they will each tip 1 Bitcoin. However, if she loses she has to go on whatever porn site her fans choose. Sergeant Miles and Peter come out hot and melt her face. Shocked! But still a good sport she asks her fans what site they want to see her on. The chat fills with Before she knows it she’s in the dungeon getting her face PWND IRL. Let the T-bagging begin.

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